Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Five!

It is a positively GORGEOUS snowy Friday and my spirits are soaring!  I'm just pleased for such a lovely day today.  And being a Friday with no plans and no where to be tonight really helps too.  :)

So I had this incredibly bizarre dream last night that is still making me chuckle, about babysitting dogs that turned into children and me swearing and yelling at them lot.  There was mud and lots of running involved.  I always have the most bizarre and non-linear dreams that typically leave me waking up exhausted.  Which is why I chose today's dreamy Friday Five.

1) Do you remember your dreams?  Usually.  I definitely have some I forget, but the ones I remember are usually hard to forget.  Either the good way or the bad.  I had a nasty one last weekend that I still can't shake.

2) Do you dream in color or black and white?  Color, typically.  If I had any dreams in black and white, I don't recall them.

3)  What is the scariest dream you have had?  I'm not going to divulge that here.  But so I don't skip the question altogether:  I have reoccurring dreams of being lost in big houses or buildings with lots and lots of hallways, doors and stairs.  And as always there is most certainly coming looking for me that I'm trying to hide from.  I also have dreams of the spirits of dead people I know coming back to talk to me, and they take over my body.  It's always hard waking up from those because I genuinely don't know who the hell I am for a minute.

4)  What is the weirdest dream you have had?  Oh I love this one.  Ok so I'm in Hell.  THE Hell.  But it's really just a giant shopping mall.  So I'm walking around and there are skeletons everywhere and famous people.  Like Ghandi.  I still have no idea why he was here.  But I'm thinking "Wow, hell's not so bad" when a group of skeletons approach me and tell me it's time to get ready to meet Satan.  So they take me to a department store and have me try on all these dresses and shoes, etc.  Then they tell me to go back to my room and wait to be called.  So I walk into my "room" and it's my freshman year dorm room, complete with my roommate.  We're laughing and talking when Drew Carey comes in with some friends and asks if we'd like to join them all down at the bar to play darts.  We said yes and went to the bar and played darts with Drew Carey.  I woke up somewhere in there.

5)  Have you ever had a dream come true?   Sort of.  I was taking a nap and started dreaming that my grandmother kept calling me on the phone.  We'd talk for like 3 seconds and she's say she had to go and hang up.  Then she'd call back.  This went on several times before the real phone in my room rang and woke me up.  It was my mom calling to tell me my grandmother just died.  I have had other dreams that came true, but that one is the most memorable.  Obviously.

Wow I ended on a downer there.  That's no fun.  Well, then here's a funny comic that I've been laughing at for like 3 days now:

Happy Friday everyone!  Have a glorious weekend!!

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  1. I love the eel joke. I had a hard time not laughing out loud at that one because it's SO TRUE. I can even imagine eel going, "huh? huh?" in that way people do when they have just told a joke and there is complete silence...