Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Five!

Friday Five time again?  Whew this week went FAST!!

As always my queue of projects on Ravelry is exploding.  For non Ravelers that's my list of links and photos of projects I want to make.  It gets out of control fast because every time I see a project I like I ooo and ahh over it and then click "queue it!"  Ugh.   I do go through my queue and clean it out periodically, but it's always full.  So on that note today's Friday Five is five things in my queue I am determined to make this year!

I'm posting the non-Ravelry links so everyone can check out the patterns.  :)

1. Crochet Lacey Duster.
Pattern here:,default,pd.html

It's stunning.  And I love long sweaters so stinkin' much!!  I don't know what color I want to do yet though.

2. Sidewalk Shawl
Pattern here:
I've never done pineapples before and I'm dying to try.  And this looks like a perfect every day type shawl.  I love the gray color so I may copy-cat that.

3. Flying Fans Shawl
Pattern here:
This one will actually be a bit smaller and be worn more around the neck.  I queued this one because I already have the perfect yarn for it!!  The fall colored stuff I got at the Yellow Springs Wool Gathering this past fall.  I may start this one as soon as I finish one of my current WIPs.

4. Red Rock Wrap
Pattern here:
I.  Love.  Tunisian.  LOVE!!  And this sweater looks so fun!!  It's actually a sweater with a full back.  There are buttons under the model's arms there that button the flaps down.  How cool is this?!  That mauve color though?  Bleh.  Maybe the model feels the same why and that's why she's making that face?

5. Irish Filigree Necklace
Pattern here:
I don't know where or where I'd ever wear this, but LOOK AT IT!!  I think it'd look great over a plain top really.  Stunning.  And knowing me I'll probably make it in black.

So there you have it.  5 out of my massive queue.  I hope this inspired you a little maybe.  ;)  Have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. If you get good at that pineapple thing, I want to commission one of those "sidewalk" shawls :) I love that!