Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cleaning ADD

I just started another round of what I call a "Cleaning ADD Episode."  This post is part of it.  Hee hee.  Here's how an episode usually plays out:

It always starts differently, but ends the same.  We'll start this one with me noticing something out of place.

Hm, that bowl needs to go in the dishwasher.  Walks to kitchen.  Well he dishwasher is full so I'd better run it.  Gathers all other dishes around the area and puts them in the dishwasher.  Oh gross, that cabinet has coffee spilled down the front.  Grabs cleaning supplies and starts wiping down the dirty cabinet.  Well I've got the stuff out, I'd better do all the cabinets.  Cleans all cabinets.  Maybe I'll do the fridge too.  Cleans ENTIRE fridge inside and out.  Oh why is this box in the kitchen it needs to go down to the basement!!  Takes box to basement.  There's no room on this shelf.  I'd better clean off the shelves.  Spends an hour reorganizing the basement shelves.  Midway through... Oh yeah, I wanted to start laundry.  Heads to the bedroom for laundry, on the way up decide to vacuum the living room and clean off the coffee table.  THE DISHWASHER, CRAP!!  Goes back into the kitchen to start the dishwasher.  The cleaning supplies are still out, I'd better put those away.  Spends 15 minutes reorganizing the cleaning supply shelves in the mud room.  Sees bicycle.  I need to put air in my tires.  Does so.  Then mops the floor in the mud room.  LAUNDRY, DAMMIT!!!  Goes back up stairs to gather laundry and noticed the bed sheets have come off the bed.  Makes bed.  Oh man this room is a mess!  Cleans room....

This process will usually go on for 2-4 hours.  In the end, I've started and stopped so many projects they're all only half done.  So the entire house is... half clean.  Eventually I lose steam and do something else for a bit. Like....write a blog post about my entire morning.  Heh.  Oh well, I guess there are worse ways to kill time.

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