Monday, December 12, 2011


I'm feeling slightly less panicky about the holidays now.  Slightly.  We booked our flights for the trip back to visit theonlyboyfriend's family in Connecticut, and I got about 80% of my Christmas shopping done.  So those are two MAJOR things off my list.  But.. between those two the amount of money I dropped in a 24 hour period is making my head feel light.  I think I may have an ulcer. I need to go lie down...

But, with the shopping underway and the tickets bought it's two less things to worry about.

Now... here's the scary part.  Bren is flying out before Christmas and I'm staying here a few more days.  I don't have as much time off from work and want to spend Christmas day here.  So I'm meeting him out there after Christmas and we're flying back together on New Year's Day.  So I'm flying out there alone.  By myself.  Without Bren or anyone else I know.  ALONE!!!  I am scared beyond belief.  Words cannot express.  I have panic attacks flying as it is, and now facing this alone... I've been near panic just thinking about it.

So I made the hard decision to go see my doctor for a couple pills.  I don't take pills either.  Ever.  I don't even like taking Advil when I have a headache, I'm very much a "tough it out" kinda person.  But I don't think this is one I can tough out.  I'm pretty sure I'll have a melt down on the plane and end up on the "No Fly" list with the TSA.  So, pills and booze it is.  And lots of both. 

I took the day off today for some marathon Christmas shopping.  I'm honestly surprised my bank has not called to question the activity on my debit card.  Heh.  But I got most of it done!  Just a few more little things and I'm ready to start wrapping.  Yay!

I hope everyone is well.  Love to you all!  I'll be over here trying not to think about being in a little tin tube 30,000 feet off the ground.


  1. Have you seen Bridesmaids? Now I am picturing you sneaking up to 1st Class and making a scene.
    Love that :)

    -Angela in Dallas

  2. I have not seen it, but everyone keeps telling me I'd love it. I'll have to check it out.