Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Obligatory Christmas Post

I had a long, slow weekend and tons of time to post.  But I was having fun being lazy.  :)  It was a wonderful Holiday weekend with my family.  Christmas Eve was filled with games and food and family.  My brother and his brood came over and we exchanged gifts then made merry with the Wii and pool table.  I snuck off for church in the evening and sang with the choir and read some readings from the Bible.  Then back to my folks' for more merriment with Christmas movies! 

I stayed there overnight and woke bright and early Christmas morning.  Went for our traditional Christmas morning jog with my parents.  It was simply gorgeous outside!  We were surprised to see we weren't the only ones enjoying the crisp morning at the park.  Afterwards we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and then exchanged our gifts with each other.  It was wonderful!  I know I'm old now that I asked for and received things like new dishes and pots and pans.  Heh. 

We hit some after-Christmas sales yesterday and I got some desperately needed new sneakers.  We had a blast hitting the dollar stores too!  My dad love to stock up on Christmas stuff while it's all half off.  Then I went back home to play with all my new toys and get some rest for work today.  Bleh.

Theonlyboyfriend is enjoying time with his family back on the east coast.  I look forward to joining him soon!!  I think I'm mentally ready for the flight alone now.  *gulp *

I hope everyone else had a wonderful long holiday weekend!!

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