Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday WIPs

Right now I'm working on training for Thanksgiving dinner.  :)  Eating like a champ!

The Cookie Monster blanket is coming along, but I kinda took a small break after the craft show.  I'm reading a great book I just bought for myself as a birthday present!!  I am super excited!!  It's Miss Peregrines Home Peculiar Children.  Either way the hooks are kind of resting right now.

I'm also working on a handmade gift for my Holiday Swap partner from Ravelry.  :)  I got into a swap through a forum on Rav that I love.  We get a partner and we get to spoil them rotten with gifts, within a price range and they return the favor!  :)  I can't post pictures of her gift yet since I haven't sent it.  I don't want to ruin the surprise if she stops by. 

So that's about all.  I'm looking forward to a nice long weekend here and eating all the turkey my little stomach can tolerate.  Mmmmmm.  Turkey and stuffing.....

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