Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday WIPs

I'm using my WIP post of the week for a very special WIP.  An always ongoing WIP of creating new and original art!

As most of you know I work with a non-profit 501(c)3 theatre organization that is dedicated to housing only unpublished and original works.  I've been a part of this group since 2002 and I have seen what an asset it is to have a home for local and unpublished artists. 

Tomorrow (11/10), starting at 11am is the beginning of the Columbus Foundation's Big Give campaign where they will match a % of whatever we can raise in donations before 11am the next day (11/11).  The Columbus Foundation has been a wonderful contributor to us for many years now and we're all very pleased they're doing this for us as well as some other organizations in central Ohio.

The Columbus Foundation's "The Big Give" will match your donation between 11am November 10th and 11am November 11th!  To qualify, your donation must be a minimum of $20 and made through their website.

To donate:
1.  go to
2.  Click the "Donate Now" button
3.  Under organization, choose MadLab
4.  Donate using a credit card (minimum donation of $20 to qualify for the match.  $35 to renew your individual MadLab membership)

The benefits of past Columbus Foundation match days cannot be overstated.  It was programs like this that helped facilitate the purchase of our current home on 3rd Street. Remember, 24 hours November 10th - 11th through The Columbus Foundation @

So if you feel so inclined, please donate to this cause and help to continue supporting up and coming artists!!

Thanks for letting me throw this shameless pitch in here.  :)

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