Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Big Giant Fear

I know its Wednesday WIP day and I’ll be posting that later this evening.  (I need to take some pictures first).  I need to share this.  A very serious fear that I have developed in my adult life, with very good cause.

My real and legal name is Nicole Smith.  I joke about it being the most common name there is all the time.  Seriously, look me up on Facebook.  I think last time I did that I got like 20,000 Nicole or Nikki Smiths.  It’s kinda nuts.  So anyway, as far back as I can remember people get me mixed up with other women with my same name.  I went to a large high school and there was another Nicole Smith in my grade.  It KIND of helped that she went by Nicole and I went by Nikki, but not much. 

My GP doctor has like 6 Nicole Smiths as a patient.  They’re constantly mixing up our charts.  One day 2 of us had back to back appointments.  The nurse looked at my chart, then me and asked how I lost 50 pounds in 3 months.  Wrong chart.  * sigh *  Today I went to order my contact lenses and being as expensive as they are and since they need to special order my lenses because my eyes are speshul snoflaks apparently, I made extra efforts to make sure they pulled the correct chart and ordered the right lenses.  All was good until he was ringing me up and verified my phone number to call me when they come in.  Wrong number and address.  GRAH!!  So my quick trip at lunch turned into an hour ordeal, naturally.

So every time something like this happens, which is often I really start to worry about my name.  What if one day I’m arrested on accident?  What if my credit gets screwed up?  And the worst fear yet… what if I need to have surgery and there happens to be another Nicole Smith having surgery that week?  I don’t want to go in for a knee replacement and come out amputated! 

I’ve been through the name change process twice before with marriage and divorce.  It’s a gigantic pain in the butt and I swore I’d NEVER go through it again.  EVER.  But some days I give serious consideration to changing my name completely.  To something really weird.  Like on that episode of friends where Pheobe changes her name to Princess Consuela Bananahammok.  It’s tempting. 

So there it is, my giant fear.  Can you blame me? 

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