Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm not ready. Ok I'm ready

I'm not ready for reality again yet.  Going back to work and being an adult and all that.  I've been enjoying my free time and naps too much.  Staying awake a full day?  Ugh!!  For the birds, I tells ya!

On the other hand I'm going to be an adult and finally admit defeat and stop being so stubborn.  I'm going to the doctor tomorrow.  Or as soon as I can get in.  Theonlyboyfriend wore me down.  And I had a bit of a wake up call when he had to help me off the floor last night because I physically could not get up on my own. 

I'm not sure what's going on, but I've had a blinding pain in my side since last week sometime.  Tuesday maybe?  I can't recall the onset.  I don't know what this is, but at first I thought I'd just pulled an ab muscle by my ribs.  Or maybe cracked a rib.  But I can't recall any trauma to that area.  It slowly got worse.  To the point that I can't take a deep breath, my ribs won't expand correctly anymore, coughing causes searing pain and a sneeze nearly lead me to a blackout.  Again, what can you do about a pulled muscle but rest?  It started to feel a little better every day, so I ignored it the best I can.  It's easier to breathe now, but ribs are not expanding and I can't sit up or lay down without assistance. 

Honestly I still think seeing anyone about this will be a complete and utter waste of time.  The doctor will just tell me it's a pulled muscle or a cracked rib and to rest it.  Or just tell me "You're old.  Things take time to heal now."  So I've wasted his time, my time, my office's time, and a $20 co-pay.  But it's probably the only way to get everyone off my back about this.

Uh, yeah so this whole thing is making me a little bit stabby.  I can't work out properly, and I've put on some weight, and I can't hold myself up properly, so I feel really god-awful even outside of the pain.  I just want things to be back to normal.  (And yes I am still working out every day.  I took a day off when the pain was at it's worst though so please no lectures.) 

Anyway on a happier note, I started a lovely scarf with my scrap yarns!!  Lookie:

Pretty!!!  I'm putting a row of black between random colors I'm pulling from my scrap bin.  :)

Ok that's about it.  Time for my Sunday nap!!  :)  I hope everyone is well and for my US friends, I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!!

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