Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Five, stuffed!

In honor of stuffing ourselves silly yesterday and me not feeling like eating for the next week I bring today's food-related Friday Five!!

1. Do you or someone you live with cook your own meals at home or tend to buy frozen dinners/eat out?
We're not big on cooking.  On occasion I'll make barbeque chicken in the slow cooker or spaghetti or something simple.  But most nights is a bowl of cereal or a PB&J sandwich, unless we eat out.  We try not to eat out too much for health and financial reasons. 

2. What is your favorite dish to cook? Or if you don't cook, what do you wish you could cook?
I do love making tacos/burritos at home.  And quesadillas.  They're great for using up leftovers too.  I do wish I had the time and desire to make more exciting dishes sometimes though.

3. The best experience you've ever had at a restaurant?
I'm not sure I can pick just one.  I love eating out at restaurants and seem to always have a good time.  Well most times anyway, presuming the service is good.  Bad service can ruin a meal no matter how good the food is.  Pretty much any time out with friends is the best experience.  :)  Cheesy answer I know.

4. The worst experience you've ever had at a restaurant?
Oh goodness.  I went to a certain Mexican place here in town once with someone.  It was a really busy night so there was a wait.  We waited almost and hour and saw peoeple who came in after us being seated.  We finally checked with the hostess and apparently she never wrote our names down.  We demanded the next table, but still ended up waiting awhile longer.  When we finally sat down we sat there at least 20 minutes before anyone even came to our table to say hello let alone take our drink order.  We ordered right away and waited another half hour for our food.  When it got there it was cold.  Ice cold.  I was so fuming mad.  We'd been there almost 3 hours by this point.  First and only time in my life I left a restaurant without paying. 

5. If you had to give up one of your favorite foods for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?
Pizza.  I always say I'd rather die than give it up.  but let's face it, it's not exactly all that good for you.   But  I do love you so...

Ok, that's it for Friday Five!  I hope everyone is well.

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