Monday, November 14, 2011


I finally had a nice, relaxing weekend where I could get a lot of things DONE!  First things first, Saturday.... I slept in until 10.  10!!!  I never sleep that late, but I've been sick for like 2 weeks now and apparently needed the rest.  And who the heck cares?  I had nowhere to be.  So I sauntered out of bed and had some coffee and chatted with Theonlyboyfriend for  bit.  (We always have the most amusing conversations on weekend mornings over coffee.)  Then I got in a good hour of working out.  Finally around 12:30 we ventured outside for the first time, walked down to get some brunch at a nearby restaurant. 

Then Bren went to get some work done at the theatre and I headed out to my folks'.  I washed and waxed my car, cleaned it all out, vacuumed it and got it ready for winter.  Enjoyed some dinner with the folks and headed home by early evening.  Then we enjoyed an evening on the couch catching up on some much needed Buffy and Angel episodes.  (Finished Seasons 5 and 2, respectively)  And of course, lots of hooky time!

Sunday started with a leisurely morning at church where I saw some old familiar faces I have not seen in some time, with mixed emotions.  Then home again for some serious cleaning.  Got most of the apartment cleaned.  Scrubbed some floors and cleaned the bathtub, things of that nature.  Got those dusty corners that I've been meaning to get to forever.  Another hour of heavy work-outs and a quick nap before our cast mates came over for a quick line-through rehearsal.  Then another night of Buffy/Angel and crochet, and then to bed before 11. 

It was rough as always getting up today, but I definitely feel refreshed and ready for the week!  Which is good because I have a busy one ahead of me.  I hope everyone is well and had a wonderful weekend too!!

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