Monday, November 28, 2011

300th POST!!!!

I was all set to come update on my rib pain when I noticed I have 299 posts.  That makes this lucky 300!  Wait.... is 300 lucky?  Um, we'll say it is.  :)

So I went to the doctor today to have him check out this awful pain.  (I'm breathing better today, btw)  He felt around, which almost made me hit him, out or reflex of course.  It was way owwie this morning.  :(  He said it's hard to say for certain, but it's likely either a cracked rib or a pulled/sprained muscle between the ribs.  The latter takes only 2-4 weeks to heal the former 4-6.  He sent me for an X-ray, so I had that done.  no idea when I'll get the results, but the X-ray tech did not scream or go "eewwww" at the X-ray so I'm thinking that's good news.

Either way he didn't tell me to stop exercising thankfully so I can keep at that, avoiding that area.  I'm hoping by this day next week I'll be back at 100%. 

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