Saturday, October 1, 2011


You can only imagine how super excited I am to see the temperature plunge today.  A high of 50?!  Heck yeah!!  If only it could be like this all year long.  and with very little to do this weekend I'm doing a lot of snuggling under blankets and reading/crocheting.  LOVE!!  I haven't felt so awake and alive in months. 

Granted Bren and I had our first little tiff over the furnace.  It's only 63 in the house so I see no need to turn it on, but he's freezing.  I'm comfy.  I'm compromising and running it for an hour then it goes right off again!  Hee hee.

In honor of the first really cool day I donned some of my crochted items to wear to my Dubling stitch group.

Love, love, love!!!  So snuggly. 

And in other crochet news, I finished the Fall Scarf last night!!

Ta-da!!  Now I've started my next WIP.  I'm calling it my Cookie Monster blanket.  It's a baby blanket in, what I can only describe as, Cookie Monster blue.  :)  It's not for anyone specific, but I like having baby blankets around so when someone does have a baby I'm not rushed to throw something together. 

I'm going tog o do some more snuggling with the kitty and reading.  I hope everyone else is having as wonderful a day!!

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