Saturday, October 8, 2011

What a gorgeous day

It's been an amazing day thus far, it's only 4:30. 

We got up early today, well early for a weekend.  Around 7 I think.  We hung around and had some coffee then walked down to my church for the Merion Village Craft Show.  Really I just wanted to say hi to my friend Traci and get out of the house for a bit.  So we chatted some, then Theonlyboyfriend and I went for breakfast. 

After stuffing ourselves we walked home and took a brief nap.  All 3 of us (theonlycat included) crammed onto the couch and dozed for a half hour ish.

Then the domestics began.  To a frightening degree.  I got on one of my cleaning kicks and cleaned the hell out of the apartment for a bit.  Then sat ab out listening to music and getting in some hooky time.  Then things got scary.  Bren and I started cooking, doing laundry and I crocheted while he was reading online a bit.  Once we realized how domestic we were being we decided it was best we jumped on the furniture and make immature jokes for awhile. 

Now he's off at a gallery opening and I'm just finishing up a workout, then I'm off to a script reading for the evening.  After a little bit more hooky time.  :)

And hey, lookit what I done:
 Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Cute hat, sounds like a fun day, cept the jumping on the

    Making rounds today to say hi from Bridge and Beyond.

  2. I love these hats!!! Look so easy and quick I could make one to go with all the different scarves I have!