Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wendesday WIPs and some randomania

So, as I've mentioned we're vacationing this week, so my biggest WIP right now is relaxing.  I am minimally successful so far.  (I'm more or less unable to ever relax)  But we are enjoying doing a whole lot of nothing.  I did get a couple small projects done during the 12 hour car trip!  Haven't really picked up my hook much since we've been here though which is not like me.  But we've been hiking and walking, and dozing and I got into a book my mom lent me for the trip. 

Book.  I'm reading "The Help."  It's not my style or speed at all, but I'm enjoying it some.  I do love a good "oh no she di-int!!" from time to time.  Still, not in my top 50, but enjoyable. 

Lots of good hiking as well.  We hit the arboretum that's down the street from home yesterday and then the completely empty beaches.  Oh the beach in fall is just amazing.  No one is around, and everything is just gorgeous. 

I've been taking tons of photos so I'll have some to share later on.  I could do it now, but I'm on vacation.  :P

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