Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday WIPs

Well, I'm really trying to crank out hats for the craft show and a few other things.  So I don't really have any WIPs, aside from the Cookie Monster Blanket and the Crocus Bud Shawl.  Well I mean I have a hat that's half finished right now at home.

But just so you're not left photo-less here are a couple things I've made this far for my show:

The scarf is designed by my girl Traci.  I love this pattern.  It's quick and simple and looks gorgeous!!  The pattern, if you are interested, is on Ravelry for free.  Right here!  Definitely check it out!

So that's it for now!  Hope all is well with everyone.  Love!


  1. Your hooky projects are lovely! I usually start off good with projects and then my hooks get frozen and it takes me a while to get back into it. Guess life does it to me. I have a goal to make time in the evening to work on stuff even if it is just for a few minutes. Guess we will see if I stick with it or not.

  2. Thank you! Life gets in the way a lot. Thankfully I have a couple different stitch groups I belong to so as long as I get to those, that's a couple hours dedicated to lots of hooking!

    I plan to get some hooking in by the campfire this weekend. :)

  3. Love that scarf :) And by the way, at some point I may be asking if you have any scraps so I can do my Nyan Cat scarf... I don't want to buy whole skeins for things that are literally a couple inches if I don't have to. I will happily share the pattern with you too because it's friggin' adorable.

  4. LOL, I totally have that pattern. :) I'm considering making one for myself.