Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday WIPs!

Welcome, woohoo, woot, wowwie wow it's Wednesday WIPs.  :)

Ok, so before I start on my WIPs, I have TOTALLY AWESOME NEWS!!!  I was accepted for the Crafts Gone Wild craft show coming in November.  So I will be selling my wares at one of Columbus' newest and most awesome alternative craft shows!  More details to come.  Oh, but save the date: November 19th.  I promise it's a good time!

So speaking of which, I'm trying to bulk up my stash of FOs to sell, specifically my hats.  My awesome hats like this:

I make tons of these and they're pretty easy.  They sell well too, folks love them.  Got a new one started last night!
They're pretty quick to make too, I can usually get one done (flower included) in about 2 hours.  I'm sure I can get a few done before the show.  :)

Also, started last week, my Cookie Monster Blanket.  I'm calling it this because the yarn color can only be described as Cookie Monster blue.  It's just going to be a baby blanket or lapghan, nothing fancy.  Just working off my stash and I like having baby blankets on hand on case someone around me pops out a kid and I need a blanket quickly.  I hate deadlines and rushing to get projects done.  They're so much less appealing to work on.

The photos are not the best, my phone takes god-awful pictures.  But it has a very pretty design to it.  The yarn is kind of heavy too so it will be a nice and warm blanket with some nice texture to it.  And totally washable which is a must for baby blankets. 

So anyway that's where I stand.  I hope all is well with everyone!  Love!

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