Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Three

Tomorrow I'll be down in the 'holler camping with the fam, so in lieu of the Friday Five; I bring you the far lazier, Thursday Three!  Yay!!

So as I said I'm camping this weekend.  It's an annual trip with my family that we've been doing since....well before I was born.  It's gotten to be a larger and larger event each year.  Our family, and my god parents and their family always went every year.  We'd make a long weekend basically.  After my god-mother was taken from us by cancer it's toned down some though.  But we still go each year and still have a blast!  My parents started going for the entire week.  Some day I'll get the time off work and theatre to stay the whole week as well. 

Ok, on with it.  3 things I love about our annual camping trip:

1) Uninterrupted time with the fam.  No TV, no theatre, no work, no nothing.  Just the woods and campfires and family.  Funny stories are told, bad jokes, quiet times.  It's just perfect.

2) The Trading Post.  There's an antique store in town called the Trading Post.  It's not too different than any other antique store, but for some reason I just love this place.  There's usually a blacksmith out front making things with his anvil and hammer.  I like finding the same things I see there year after year after year that no one has bought.  :)

3) Nature.  I love camping anyway.  And being outside and enjoying the leaves, the crisp autumn air and the sights and sounds of fall just make my soul happy.

So there ya have it.  I'm sure there will be stories and lots of photos to share with you all!


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