Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's ok, I didn't want to eat any more this year

Also titled "Why I'm never having children reason #46,297.

So, I had to take Theonlycat to the vet today.  We had a traumatic morning getting her there, but sadly that was not the most traumatic part of the day. It was the foggiest it’s been around here in months so driving at all, let alone during rush hour was treacherous.  She needs to have her teeth cleaned because they’re apparently really bad, and they need to put her under for this so I had to stop feeding her last night at midnight. She was a cranky mess already because dear Fatty McFatterson needs to eat every 5 minutes to keep from dying apparently.  Then getting her into the carrier was a battle I nearly lost. I did win, but there were injuries to be had.  My face, hands and arms will be throbbing for awhile.  After dropping her off, I had the ultimate joy of trying to get downtown from Worthington during rush hour.  You know, with every freeway exit to downtown being closed for 2 years.

Anyway this entire teeth cleaning thing costs about $350. Normally I’d just say “Screw that!” and let it go.  But I did my research and much like human teeth, if they get bad enough they can cause heart problems and a myriad of other health issues that will be far more expensive to treat.  I thought of this as sort of an insurance policy.

When I set up the appointment and got the estimate, they said “If we have to pull any teeth, those are about $75-$100 extra, per tooth, but we will call you before we do those.”  Sweet mother Mary of God.
So 3:30 rolls around, and I hadn’t heard from them all day so I gave in and called to see how she’s doing.  I never claimed to be patient.  I get the receptionist and she goes to check with the techs.

“They’re still working on her. They pulled 3 teeth so far and….” I didn’t hear what she said after that because I’d fainted. I thought they were supposed to check with me first!!! Although had they called how could I have told them to leave rotting teeth in my cat’s head? Still, this is already another $300 approximately. And the “so far” part of that sentence lead me to believe there could be more?!?!

I don’t know what I’m going to do; I barely had the $350 to pay for this. I can’t really afford any more on top of that!  I’m going to have to hope and pray they’ll accept some kind of payment plan, or else I may be calling on some of you to help me break into a vet clinic tonight to kidnap my cat back.

I sincerely hope none of you were expecting Christmas gifts from me this year.  If you do want something I’ll be glad to email you a photo of my fat-ass cat’s mouth.  I’d print it and frame it, but that costs money. 


  1. I'm so sorry! I went through that with one of my cats. He had a bad tooth, which caused an infection, which also caused a tumor in his neck....$500. You are doing the right thing by taking care of it to prevent future problems. And I am sure they will accept a payment plan. But if you need a partner in crime, I own ski masks and a crowbar :-)

  2. Thanks. It wasn't too awful. I'm home with my drunken sailor kitty right now. She's staggering around a bit, and I have to admit it's kinda funny. :) We worked out payment at the vet so we're all set. All said and done it was about $650.