Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday! Woohoo!

I need a break.  Don't we all?  Wouldn't you just love to get away?  Somewhere far from home with no worries or cares.  Ahhhhhh.

5 Destinations I NEED to Visit Before I Die

1) England.  I don't know if it's because of my heritage or that I'm watching far too much BBC lately, but I really need to go to England.  The lush gardens, the buildings that are older than my entire country, the people, the landscape....

I'm all over this one.  Some day...

2) Lahaina, Hawaii.  Ok, cheating a little because I've already been here.  I was not a fan of Maui until we hit Lahina.  It's like Yellow Springs, Ohio.  IN THE FRIGGIN PACIFIC TROPICS.  Not to mention, they have a Banyan tree in town that takes up an entire city block.  There is a market IN THE TREE. 

Here is just a small part of it.  There is also the greatest hiking on the volcanoes on Maui.  Like I said I've been there, but I really need to take Theonlyboyfriend now.  If I ever wanted a place to retire Lahaina is it. 

3) Ireland.  Um, IT'S GREEN.  Lol.  Again, castles and buildings older than my mind imagines, and gingers as far as they eye can see.  Was that mean?  Eh I'm half ginger.  And THIS:

4) Bethlehem Israel.  The idea of traveling to the Middle East does scare me a little, but I just feel this is a place I need to be before I die.  For very deep and personal reasons.
Hee hee.  Deep.  I didn't catch that until just now. 

5) Antarctica.  This started as a joke from Bren because I'm always too hot.  We went to Orlando in the spring and it got above 80 and I wanted to die.  He said he'd take me to Antarctica for my next vacation.  Joking aside, I'd actually LOVE to see this place.  While it's still there.  And just LOOK at this:
It's just stunning. 
I guess if that cannot happen I'd settle for Barrow Alaska, the northernmost tip of the US.  I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights.

So there you have it.  Not your typical vacation spots, but places of sheer beauty like nothing else on earth.

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