Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Five!

We've had a little break in weather this week and it's been sunny as a Los Angeles weekend and in the 70s and 80s!  I've been taking advantage of the awesome weather and rode my bike to work this week.  Loving it!  In honor of my riding I bring you today’s 5.

5 Things I've had thrown at me while biking to and from work

1) Full cup of coffee.  Still hot.  This happened on the way TO work so I had the decision of turning around and going home to change, or spending the day in coffee soaked clothes.  I took the obvious choice.

2) Lit cigarette butt.  That one was fun, but luckily it just bounced off and no burns were had.

3) Empty beer can.  Trashy on SO many levels.  First it was a Natty Lite can, so good choice in beer, second it was empty so drinking while driving was likely being done and third it was a rusty pick up truck.  Way to beat the stereotypes, man! 

4) Lighter.  Not lit at least, but I did beaned in the head with a good old fashioned Bic.  I believe it was blue.

5) Nasty words. People are jerks.  I took the time to read the traffic laws before I started riding to work frequently, but most motorists don’t.  Either way following the laws apparently makes me a @#$!@#$ @#$ing son of a @$!@#$ that needs to Q#$!@#$ing go back to her $%#$%ing hippie shanty. 

I’ve found for the most part Columbus motorists are ok with cyclists.  Certainly not all, and there are a good percentage that don’t understand traffic laws for bikes, but most of the time they’re pretty willing to share the roads with us
I’ve been cycling to work for some time and I love it. It’s good for the environment, saves me a ton on gas and its good exercise.  I also, follow the traffic laws as best I can.  Ok I’ll admit to riding through a read down in the village from time to time when there’s no traffic, (Me on my bike are not big enough to trip the sensors anyway) and riding on the sidewalk when there is construction. 

Anyhoo, Happy Friday! 

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