Sunday, October 16, 2011


Well we're back from camping down in Bainbridge Ohio.  A little stinky, a little dirty, but very relaxed.  Today will be a day of laundry, unpacking, and resting.

We had a beautiful time and the weather was just perfect.  We had some serious windstorms blow though, but the tent and everything held strong.  Simply because I have the most awesome tent ever. 
It sleeps eight.  EIGHT!! But it was just me and theonlyboyfriend, so we had lots of room to spare.

Friday morning my parents and I went for the most amazing run in the state park.  The sun had just come up, the air was crisp and the colors were vibrant. We saw lots of deer also out running.  :)

We enjoyed the festival, camping, campfires, food and fun.  And I took some nice photos for ya'll.  The only sad part of the trip was finding out the lady who owns and runs The Trading Post in Bainbridge passed away and the entire place it up for sale.  The Trading Post is the most amazing antique store I've been in.  It's inside a house, barn, shed, warehouse, all over about a 4 acre lot.  The buildings themselves are antiques, with old rickety floors and original windows, etc.  Rosemary was a wonderful woman too.  We've been going here every year for 30+ years and it's ALWAYS been my most favorite part of the trip, hands down.  There is a heart-breaking chance it may not be there when we come back next year.  :(

In memorium here is a photo inside of my mom holding "the stool".  This stool has been inside the place and for sale as long as we've been going.  We see it year after year and joke about how tacky it is.  I wanted to buy it, but it was a little over my price range for kitch.
  Isn't it grand?  It's clear plastic with awful dirty plastic roses and moss inside.  Dreamy.  I did get some fun kitch though.  for a whopping $1.35 this fantastic thing is mine now:

Yeah, it's a plastic deer covered in real fur of some kind or another.  Plastic antlers glued on to boot.  I can smell your jealousy.

Ok, that's about all, I'll leave you with a few photos from the trip:

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