Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend o' Travel

I.  Am.  Pooped.  But my goodness what an amazing weekend.  It was all just wonderful.  Where to begin?  I guess we can just do this by day.  :)

Friday night:
Brendan had to make a run out to Gahanna to pick something up, so we made a little night of it.  Went on a walk in their new park, which is just gorgeous!  And got some coffee at a coffee shop.  Then we came home to pack and watch some TV before we passed out.

Saturday we slept in a tad and took our time leaving.  We got on the road by 11:30ish and made our way down to Athens.  This was my first time there and it was very beautiful.  It's a great little town.  We got all checked in at the hotel and ran into other guests/friends and hit the town for a bit before the wedding.  We got lunch at a really cool diner and checked out a vintage shop.  I saw this necklace and just loved it.  When I went to the car to check the meter, apparently Brendan bought the necklace for me!!  :)  He gave it to me when we got back to the hotel.  It's just lovely!

We got all prettied up and hopped on a shuttle bus that took us to the ceremony.  The ceremony was in the chapel on the OU campus itself.  It was such a beautiful little chapel.  I wish I'd taken more photos, but I didn't really take any.  I'm so mad at myself for that!!  Anyway the ceremony made me cry as they always do.  It was simple and just beautiful.  Very perfect for this couple.  We got back on the buses and went back to the hotel, which is where the reception was!  So convenient.  Right down the hall from our rooms even.  There was dancing, music, tons of amazing food and wine.  Even karaoke.  And we all know Theonlynikki cannot turn down some karaoke.  :)  I think we finally went to bed around 2. 

I did get 1 photo of the centerpiece because I thought they were so cool!
Those are coffee beans!!!  Being coffee people, Bren and I were impressed. 

I was awoken about 4:30 by my body trying desperately to turn itself inside out. Thankfully not related to the alcohol consumed.  It was just my IBS flaring up worse than it has in years.  It was not fun or pretty.  I got no sleep after that so I've been up since.  I think it might have been the meat.  I haven't had much meat lately for no real reason.  And it was the first pork I'd had in quite some time.

We got free full breakfast at the hotel and ate, packed up and got on the road by about 9:30.  It's a truly gorgeous drive between here and there.  And the leaves are just starting to turn on the trees.  The sun was out and it was warm, but not hot.  A perfect day for a drive.  We got home, threw our stuff inside, said our quick goodbyes and ran off in opposite directions.  Bren had a work day at the theatre today and I headed off to pick up my mom and go to the Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs. 

I just love the Wool Gathering!  Tons of yarns, roving, handmade products and tools, and lots and lots of fluffy things to pet!!
 Look at that face!!!

We had fun, I got some goodies:

Some gorgeous fall yarn and a hand carved shawl pin.  LOVE!!!

We went into the actual town of Yellow Springs and walked around their shops for a bit, too.  Then hit a farmer's market.  I dropped mom off and now here I am.  Completely exhausted and ready for bed.  At 6:30.  LOL! 

I hope others had a wonderful weekend this weekend!  The weather here was just perfect.  I'm so excited for fall!

Update:  As I was typing this entry my neighbor stopped by.  (One of the two that live in the other side of our duplex.)  Apparently while we were out of town last night they were burglarized.  WHILE THEY WERE ASLEEP UPSTAIRS!!  Apparently he woke up and heard noise downstairs.  Came down and caught them.  They ran off though.  They got away with 3 laptops, some gaming consoles, his wallet some cash and a few other small items.  He came down as they were taking the TV.  I'm obviously a bit shaken over this too.  We're taking some extra precautions here on our side now.  We put a prop on the back door.  (Where they got in at our neighbors) and I'm keeping my purse upstairs now.  I may see about installing chain locks.  I foresee a few sleepless nights ahead. 


  1. Sounds like you had a full weekend. We caught someone trying to get into our home last Friday and the police took the man home because the man "appeared" intoxicated. No breathalizer or anything. We are still having sleepless nights.

  2. Such a fun weekend (except for the IBS of course)! Love the yarn and the shawl pin, but I especially love that stunning necklace!! xxxx