Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Two posts in one day? What?!

Finally, after weeks of coming near to exploding my brain I got my domain transferred.  Welcome to the new and improved!  Yay!!

I’ve learned a few things in this process.  Mostly that I am far more computer illiterate than I thought. 

But anyway, I’m working on improving this site as best I can, and I’m always open to suggestions.  So if you have any comments or ideas, please send them my way!!  I’ve had lots of people suggesting Etsy to me, really for years.  I’m waffling on this.  I’m not a supporter of Etsy, they do some terrible things, but it’s kind of a necessary evil to sell.  It’s like Facebook.  So anyway, that may be an upcoming change to the site.  (Link to an Etsy store)

Thanks for reading!  I always appreciate visitors to my humble little blog.  J


  1. Congrats on having your domain change finished. I feel I am very computer literate and then something wonky comes around and BAM I feel like the computer is a foreign object. Go

  2. Thanks Erin. :) Yeah computers can be our best friend one second and worst enemy the next. Heh.

  3. What does Etsy do? I've never looked into an etsy store.