Saturday, September 24, 2011

Quiet weekend? What's that?

Ok, so let's rewind a second.  Remember how I mentioned our neighbors getting their apartment broken into while they were home last weekend?  Guess what?  Happened AGAIN last night.  I went over to help keep them calm while the police came and contacted the landlord for them, etc.  The police and detective agree, someone has a key.  That's the only way they're getting in and out without busting up the doors or windows. 

Sadly one of the guys has a very bad medical condition that he needs very specific and very expensive medications to control.  The burglars stole his meds.  Again.  I was there while he started to withdrawal and started having....episodes.  I don't want to go into detail for his privacy and your constitution.  I offered to run him to the ER so his partner could deal with the insurance company and police, and be there while the landlord came to change the locks and put alarms on the windows. 

I stayed with him at the ER for a few hours.  I felt bad blowing off one of my stitch groups and theonlybrother, but I can never, in good conscious, leave someone in pain.  Emotional or physical, and this poor kid had both.  He was/is a mess. 

Naturally through all this Brendan and I are worried for our own safety and apartment.  Although, there are many reasons while I have a feeling we'll be ok.  It's a safe area, we have a privacy fence that is impossible to climb (they don't) and we don't really own much of anything that's worth anything.  There were a lot of shady maintenance people over on their side before and after they moved in, too.  Still... not making me totally comfortable. But the landlord feels terrible about this and offered to come install alarms on our windows too and change our locks if we really wanted.  So that's being done for us now.  And I always have Yuna the attack cat, who will viciously run away hide under the bed if someone ever breaks in.

On another note; theonlybrother was in the hospital a bit this week too.  Just barely a day.  He's ok now.  At home resting.  (To make things even weirder, one of the neighbors works at Riverside and admitted my brother)  Anyway thanks for the well wishes I received for him.  As I said he's doing better. 

I'm going to somehow find a way to relax now.  It's been a stressful morning.  Obviously.  I truly and sincerely hope all of you are well.  Love to you all. 

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  1. Hugs times a thousand! And glad to hear your bro is on the mend.