Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Five

So as you probably read earlier this week, I have a busy BUSY weekend ahead of me with lots of traveling involved.  But I'm pants-crappingly excited.  So for my list today I bring you:

5 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Weekend

1)  WEDDING!!!  Yup, we're going to a wedding in Athens Ohio for a good mutual friend of ours.  I.  Love. Weddings.  I just LOVE weddings.  People are generally all happy, you get to wear pretty clothes, dancing, free food and booze.  How can that be bad?

2) Road Trip!!  I love road trips.  Music, audio books, fun conversations, hooky time.  And now that I have a car that can handle more than 50 miles at a time, I don't need to spend money renting cars anymore.  And this weekend; I get two road trips!!  Yay!

3) Hotel!  I love staying in hotels.  I don't know why, but I just love sleeping in hotels.  It's weird I know.  But you can jack up the heat or AC and not worry about your utility bills.  You can leave towels on the floor and the bed unmade.  And when it's all said and done you just get to walk away! 

4) Yarn!!!  OMG it's the Wool Gathering at Yellow Springs again.  I'm nearly shaking I'm so excited.  And my friend L and her MIL are coming and so is Theonlymom.  YAY!  Mommy/daughter yarn day!  Yarn, vendors, food, fluffy animals.  Which brings me to 5.

5) ALPACAS AND ANGORA BUNNIES!!!!  The fact that I will drive an hour away just to pet something fluffy and soft seems odd, but I don't care.  Alpacas people.  ALPACAS!!  I'm sorry but if can resist the urge to snuggle this:

Or this:

Then you are just not human. 

So that's it!  I should have tons of photos and stories to tell by Sunday!  

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