Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday WIPs

It's that time again.  Checking in with WIPs.  My most current WIP is this 3rd cup of coffee. 

Anyhoo, I realized I left my Crocus Bud Shawl in my other bag at home and did not get a photo of it last night.  It's only maybe a 3 or 4 inches bigger than the last photo I posted a couple weeks ago though.

I started another project this past weekend though with my new found addiction to Tunisian Crochet.  Another scarf.  I know, yawn.  I need to build up some stock though in case I'm accepted again this year for Crafts Gone Wild.  And whatever doesn't sell is going to charity, so it needs to be something they'll take.

Anyway here she is.  I'm calling it my fall scarf.  (Yuna wanted to help get this photo, as you can see)

It's a little uneven looking, but the stitches are fine.  It just needs washed and blocked slightly and it will look more symetrical.  Plus it's curling slightly there

As you can see from the close up it REALLY looks like knitting.  Nope, I promise this was done with one hook.  One really long hook.

Thats about it for now.  Have a wonderful hump day!

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