Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Awesome Weekend

Oh, where to begin?!  I guess at the beginning. 

Friday, I decided to take a half day off in the afternoon to get some things done.  But I had such a god-awful morning that I just went home and took a 2 hour nap instead.  Then, Brendan and I headed off to CD101's Summerfest!  (Evening of all sorts of bands) Closing with....CAKE!!!  One of my most favorite bands EVER!  It was a absolute blast.  We ran into one of our favorite bartenders too and got to sit with him and his girlfriend. 

Then we came home and passed out.  I got to sleep in a bit on Saturday, but we got up and went to breakfast at TeeJays.  Yum!  Then off to the Franklin Park Conservatory!  I took tons of photos.  (See those here)

Here's a couple to wet your appetite:

Then we went off to dinner at Applebees.  See, here's where the kicker of this whole day comes in.  I had a Groupon for TeeJays so our breakfast was $.57.  And I had a Groupon for Franklin Park Conservatory, so that was free.  And I had a gift card for Applebees, so dinner was $8.

THEN!  We had free tickets to go see Funny Girl with the Capa Summer Movie Series at the Ohio Theatre!!!  One of my most favorite movies/musicals!!  I finally got to see it on a big screen.  A big eventful day for almost no money. 

Today was a bit of a "get stuff done" and take a lot of naps in between kind of day.  :)  So we got a few things done and I took a nap.  Hee hee. 

So that was my totally awesome and filled weekend.  I hope everyone else did something wonderful this weekend. 

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