Thursday, August 18, 2011

A lovely tale of the roughest riders with the biggest hearts

From The Road:

"You can feel the charge when someone says “In coming!”  A buzz of excitement fills the briefly quiet service pavillion. "
Check out this blog post if you have a couple minutes.  It's a really great article about the Hoka Hey.  My parents hung out for a bit up at A.D Farrows and watched some of the riders come through this past weekend.
If you're no familiar the Hoka Hey is a massive cross country motorcycle ride/challenge.  48 states and Canada in 16 days.  (I think it's 16 days).  That's well over 10,000 miles on a motorcycle in a very short amount of time.  They have checkpoints to stop in, sign in, get a pit stop for themselves and their bikes and directions to the next checkpoint.  The whole concept is amazing, and this blog entry is just beautifull written!

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