Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Five!

I’m having a pretty crap-tastic week.  So today’s very special Friday Five is brought to you by the “trying to keep my sanity organization”.

5 Things I need to focus on so I don’t kill everyone around me
1) I’m totally and very happily employed.  I seriously love my job.  I do.  My co-workers….well I don’t like people in general, so I don’t really get along with anyone.  But my job is pretty great and pays decent.  And my office.  Oh my office. 
This is roughly a third of my office.

That view.  90 degrees of pure 20 floors up view.  (Ok so the north side is a lot of parking lots.  But I can see the Crew stadium.  And Worthington on a clear day)

2) My SO's nickname is "greatest boyfriend ever" for a reason. Seriously, my dude is the shit.  Outside of all the wonderful things he does for me he really keeps my sanity in check.  When I'm on the edge of losing it he asks me why.  It seems a tiny simple question, but always makes me really think about it.  Then I realize things are so bad.  And he approaches it in a way that shows he really does give a shit.

3) Yuna.  She's whiney, prefers not to let me sleep in, sits on my head and smells like dead fish a lot.  But at the end of the day all she wants from me is a snuggle and some pets.  If I just lay down on the couch, she stops all noise and spazz and snuggles up next to me (sometimes on my dang face) and purrs so loud I'm afraid she's going to shake the artwork off the walls.  And come on, look at this face:

And besides, if I went on a rampage and ended up in jail, who would keep her fat and spoiled?

4) Vacations.  It sucks that my SO's family lives so far off, but on the flip side.... instant vacations.  Visiting is a trip in and of itself to a place I hadn't seen very much of before I met Bren.  The magical land of the East Coast.  And outside of visiting family, we get the option of getting the hell out of Dodge once in awhile.  And that is always a good thing.

5) My family.  They love and need me greatly.  And I them.  Spending a day with the fam is kinda like a vacation from life for a few hours.  We just live, laugh and eat like it's going out of style. 

So there's my list.  I feel "Exercise" at least needs an honorable mention.  I work out a lot.  A LOT.  And it's one of the few things that really keeps me sane.  And I seriously love it.

Reading back over this I'm kinda seeing that I'm still a little crabby and I apologize for that.  I think a weekend is in order.  Let's do this weekend thing.

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