Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fitness, Activity and FREE TIME!!!

First off I’m absolutely thrilled that the weather has been acceptable lately and I’ve been riding my bike to and from work.  This makes me blissfully happy.  I love starting and ending my day this way!!Get the blood flowing and the mind active.

Ok, so most of you know I like to work out.  A lot.  A really really lot.  I work out at home mostly and ride my bike.  And sometimes I run.  About that running.  Every time I run I have the same conversation on my head beforehand.  It goes something like this:
I do NOT feel like working out today.  My *insert body part here* is so sore and I’m pooped.  Well, I guess I could run.  There are no weights involved and very little thinking.  I can just zone out and go.  And it’s so free-feeling, like flying!  Ok I’ll run!!  YEAH RUNNING!!!
Then about 10 seconds into the run:
Oh God what the HELL was I thinking I hate running!  Oh god this sucks.  I’m going to die.  This is how I die.  I’m dying.  SOMEONE KILL ME!!!
The rest of the 3-5 mile run is me crying and praying to God to just kill me.  I really truly, honestly HATE running.  I still have no idea why I keep doing it.  Every time I swear is my last.  I think I just get selective amnesia over it.
Speaking of not doing things.  Last weekend I closed the improv show I was doing.  I don’t have another show with my improv group until February 2012.  Between now and then we’ll have a monthly one night gig at the Gateway and maybe a random one here or there, but that’s it.  NO THEATRE FOR NIKKI!!!  I’m still on the committee for experimental short works, but all I gotta do for that is read some 5-10 page scripts and go to 2 or 3 meetings.  FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR.  I am so friggin happy. 
My mind is running in circles though.  So many things I’ve been dying to do with more free time.  Where to start?!  That massive pile of books I’ve been meaning to read?  That stack of patterns I want to crochet?  Some random classes?  Finally learn to play the accordion?  Well that last one goes without saying, that’s happening no matter what!  The possibilities are endless!


  1. I saw a gorgeous red accordion with a case at the reTAGit on hudson & summit the other day...unfortunately, I think it was serious dollars.

    you know what would be great? an accordion playing burlesque act.

  2. Yeah I have yet to see even a USED accordion that isn't a small fortune to buy. But the good news is I think you and I both know someone who can teach me to play. :) someone who just moved back to Columbus.