Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday WIPs

I nearly forgot!  So let's see here.  I finished my shawl I was making for my CAL with the Crochet Divas.  It's blocking currently.  I did take a photo, but its a very poor photo.  Eh, I'll share anyway:
It's in the basement on blocking boards so the lighting down there stinks.  I'll take better photos outside once it's dry.  It's a navy blue and a purple color.  I was shocked how much it grew on the boards.  I ran out of the yarn I got and it was so small.  I was panicked it would be too small and I did NOT want to order more yarn!!!  But god help me if it didn't nearly double in size!

My wrap of my own design... I'm really SO close to being done, but I haven't had any time recently to work on it.  If I can stay awake tonight I'm sure I can get it done in about a half hour.  But it's so close.

The sweater....I'm still debating on what to do with that.  I think it will be nearly impossible to frog, so I may be stuck finishing it.  ::sigh::  Since I'll be done with everything else here soon I may just suck it up and finish it.  I'm probably halfway done anyway.

My other WIP is just holding onto my sanity at work.  But that's another story.

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