Monday, July 11, 2011

Someone let me off this boat.

As most of you probably know I work in a high-rise building downtown.  I’ve worked in high-rises for about 5-6 years now, and I’m as used to it as one person can be.  And, given my job I’ve had extensive training on high-rise safety.  Nothing much scares me about the buildings.  Odds of falling to your death in an elevator are smaller than being hit by lightning or winning the lottery, so the elevators don’t bother me.  In fact, I have been stuck in one on a few occasions, and even was dropped several floors.  Scary, but not a huge deal. 
Fires don’t scare me either.  The way these things are built, it’s nearly impossible for a fire to spread anywhere.   Tornados… odds are tiny of one coming downtown and even less of knocking over one of these buildings. 
There is only one thing that bothers me.  Really, really strong winds.  I’m not worried about the building falling over, that’s nearly impossible.  But whenever we have really high winds the building sways.  (Which it’s supposed to, if it did not then the building might fall over)  And when the building starts to sway, I get really, really sick.  Sometimes to the point that I have to sit with my head between my knees in an interior hallway, simply to avoid puking.  Seasick is the only way I can describe it.  It’s disgusting that my body reacts this way. 


  1. try those ginger motion sickness pills. they worked for Morgan when she'd get carsick. and they're just ginger, no chemical crap.

    also, lol, the map on the right side of your page for volatility is for Terre Haute, not Columbus. I thought the internet was supposed to be smart. ;)

  2. I've tried to fix that damn map like 6 times. Stupid interwebs. LOL