Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just smile and nod and back away....

I feel like I’m not blogging enough.  Am I blogging enough?  am I blogging too much?  Is my blog silly?  Does this blog make me look fat?  :P
I hate to post just to post without really having anything of substance to say, but do I ever really have anything of substance to say?
Something has been bothering me lately though.  Ungratefulness.  Is that a word?  Well spell check isn’t saying it’s not, so I’m going to assume it is.  (Although making just that one word is being picked up as a sentence fragment.)  I alluded to this on my Facebox earlier today, and it’s just really irritating me here lately.  When someone gives you a gift, or does something for you that they did not have to do; the typical response is a thank you and a smile.  Not a long tirade on how this gift/service is the wrong color/shape/size or that you just downright hate it, or that this gift is somehow going to inconvenience you.  That is so unbelievably rude. 
For example, say I gave you a bike.  I give you this bike and say “I know your bike was stolen last week, and I saw this one on sale today and it’s your favorite color, so I just had to buy it for you.”  I’m not necessarily expecting you to do cartwheels, but a thank you would be appreciated.  Now let’s say you look at the bike and then roll your eyes and say “Oh great, NOW I’m going to have to buy a new lock and a helmet.  Just what I needed.  Spend MORE money.”  At this point I have 2 choices.  I can leave the bike and just live with the knowledge that you’re a jerk.  Or offer to stick the bike in a place the sun does not shine for you.  Ahem.
It seems like a no-brainer, but you would be chocked at just how ungrateful people can be when they get something for free.  It never ceases to amaze me. 

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