Monday, July 18, 2011

Iron Artist

So each year the gallery committee at our theatre company holds a contest called Iron Artist.  It’s the same concept as Iron Chef; a bunch of artist gather and make art in their medium and a secret ingredient is introduced, and we are required to incorporate that ingredient into our art. 

I make purses out of discarded materials.  (Uh, trash basically)  Old boxes, envelopes, magazines, etc.  Recycled purses I call them.  I’ve participated in 3 of these contests now.

So Saturday at the giant annual fundraiser for MadLab we had this year’s Iron Artist contest.  Ahem….guess who won? 
THIS GAL!!!  :)  I was floored.  All the other artists were SO talented!! 

The secret ingredient(s) were these small metal rods in a couple different shapes.  Some were PERFECT for handles for my purses.  So, here's my finished products.

One was made from an old Splenda box with those fake promotional credit cards you get in the mail.  (Artificial Goodness)  The other was made from old calendar pages.  (Always on Time)

You can see the metal bar thingies I used for handles and on the corners of the Splenda one. 

So that was my arty weekend.  :)  Well I also performed with my improv group at the aforementioned fundraiser. 

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