Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday Five.

Sorry Folks.  Yesterday got away from me.  Busy day at work and then a how last night.  Excuses excuses.  So, a day late, here we go!!

5 Things I love about crocheting

1) It's portable!  Well it can be anyway, smaller projects.  I take a project with me everywhere I go.  Keeps me busy when I find myself in a down moment and needing to pass some time unexpectedly. 

2) Gifts!  It can make great and simple gifts.  Book marks, ornaments, or things as large as a blanket.

3) Charity.  So many people out there need a little warmth during winter months that have none.  Giving a handmade scarf, hat or blanket to someone that needs it makes everyone feel good and warm inside.

4) Zen.  It's so very Zen for me.  It keeps my hands busy when I need to let my brain go.

5) Math.  wait, what?  I HATE math!!!  Seriously though, figuring out patterns or charts sometimes really takes a lot of logical thinking.  And hobby that include logical thinking are so very good for the brain!  Especially when you're designing your own patterns.  :)

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