Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Five!

In an effort to keep this blog moving I’m going to try at least having a couple of weekly things here.  At least do “Wednesday WIP’s” (Stealing that idea from one of my fellow yarn crafters, Laurie.)  And Friday Fives.  And then I can fill in with my other random crud.  So, without further ado;
Staying topical here.  5 ways I stay cool in this ungodly weather.
1.       Ice water.  I drink so much ice water during the day my bladder is starting a war with me.  (I think it might be trying to form an alliance with my liver)  “They” say that if you’re outdoors in a heat advisory you should be drinking 32 oz per hour.  Yeesh.
2.       Cold showers.  Call me a freak, but I L-O-V-E cold showers.  Especially since the A/C does not work in the upstairs part of our house, where the shower is, cold showers are the best things ever. 
3.       Cotton sundresses.  I actually love my sun dresses so much I wear them all year.  I stick some leggings underneath and a sweater over/long sleeve t-shirt under, in the winter.  I love sundresses.  Cannot get enough of them.  And with a good loose-fitting cotton dress, it’s as close as you can get to being in your undies in public. 
4.       Laying face down on the cement floor in the basement.  Yup.  It’s dank and cold.  Exactly what I want.  I usually head down there after I work out, strip down and just lay there until the cement gets hot from my body temperature.  Then I roll over.  Repeat.
5.       Nap.  Seriously, not moving does wonders for staying at least a little bit cooler.  Our A/C is killing itself trying to keep the house cool, but it’s still too hot for my taste in there.  So laying on the floor in the living room and napping does 2 things: Less movement=cooler and sleeping= killing time until it’s not hot anymore.
So that’s my list.  I’m doing all I can to keep my sanity in this, my least-favorite time of year.  Hope everyone else is staying cool!!

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