Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy WWKIP Week/ International Yarn Bombing Day

Yesterday started World Wide Knit In Public week withe International Yarn Bombing day!  What is yarn bombing you ask?  Well....Check It out Here.  And curious about WWKIP?  Well Look here!

I met my Dublin Stitch Group up in Goodale park for some public knitting (or crocheting, in my case) in the beautiful Gazebo.  We could NOT have asked for better weather.  Perfectly gorgeous and finally cool enough for me to venture outside.  (And no allergic reactions!!!)

Anyway I took some photos of the yarn bombs a couple of the ladies made here:

 So, there ya have it!  I doubt they'll stay up super long, but we had several admirers just while we were there and that's enough for us!! 

Happy WWKIP week!  Please, knit or crochet somewhere outside this week and spread the crafty love.

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