Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My mom tells me now and then how proud grandma would be with my crafting.  My grandmother was quite the crafter herself.  Far more advanced than me, though.  She could do it all; knit, crochet, quilt, sew.... etc.  I'm pretty good with a crochet hook and can work a sewing machine a little, but that's about as far as my talents go.  I still have any of the toys and gifts she made for me over the years.  A beautifully crocheted blanket, and some stuffed animals.  And a small house made of fabric with fabric furniture and little mice called "Mouse House". 
 It's a little beat up from years of playing.
 She even made all the furniture in it!!
In my process of cleaning out the basement and reorganizing my craft "room" I came across a bag I'd been hanging onto, but never really looked through.  It was full of scrap yarn and partially completed projects of grandma's, so I'd held onto it, but never really looked at everything in it.  I found a pattern and partially completed doll, as well as a pattern and sweater.  As luck would have it the sweater was already completed aside from some ends that needed woven in and some flowers that were supposed to go around the neck line.  I sewed in the ends and decided it did not need the flowers.  I tried it on and by some miracle it fits perfectly.  :)

I added a nice butterfly pin and a neck scarf.  


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  1. That mouse house is just too darn cute for words. And the sweater looks great on you :)