Thursday, June 2, 2011


Also known as dermo graphism. I has it. I has it bad.

Went in for my follow up visit with the doc. The steroids did not help. We talked a bit and he's sending me to an allergist for allergy testing. Whatever it is though, so something in my daily life though so there's really not a lot to be done about this. But either way he may have more insight. I go to see him in about 4 weeks. Until then I'm just supposed to be treating the symptoms. Zrytec has been working like a dream, but it makes me feel like utter crap for about 2 days and I can barely function in that time. But the itching gets so bad I really don't care that I can't hold my head up straight or complete a thought.

So, back to the dermatographia. Do a quick Google search some time, it's kinda fascinating. Basically some people get this when the histamines in their body are going nuts and their skin reacts. I've always had sensitive skin an got read very easily as it was. But now with this, it's more pronounced. Instead of getting red, my skin gets REALLY red and then welts up.

Like this:

That's my side, by my ribs. I barely scratched it once. That welt will be there for a couple hours. That's mild to what the rest of me looks like. It's scary really. Seriously, Brendan kinda freaks a little every time he sees my back. Heh. It's great fun when my face itches.

So it's going to be a cycle of: allergy pill - zombie and drool - sleep a lot - normal for one day - SCRATCHING MY SKIN CLEAN OFF for while I guess.

It's gross, it's really annoying but there are far worse things. And I can still mostly function, so I'm not worried or bothered too much. Just itchy as all living hell.


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