Monday, May 23, 2011

The Day Off That Wasn't

I took a PTO day from work today. It was a perfect storm that my annual eye exam and my bi-annual dental cleaning fell on the same day. Things work best in threes so I thought I’d throw in a trip to the dermatologist to have a look at a mole, too. Why not?

The day started at my usual time of 5AM. Already not a day off. Got in my hour workout and a quick shower. Then off to appointment #1. 7AM dentist. (I schedule them that early for days that I actually work, so I can get to work on time still.) I love my dentist, but they’ve broken my bank so I’m looking for a new one. Long story short; my old cavities are crumbling and they’re charging me an arm and a leg to fix them. More than my old dentist charged. My insurance only pays 40%.

7:45, back home for some breakfast and coffee with Brendan before he took off for work.

Then off to the dermatologist, at 10. They removed the mole and whisked it off for biopsy. (I’ve had this mole forever, but they say if it gets bigger or changes shape; see a doctor. It got bigger and changed shape.) She said it looked totally normal and no worries. We discussed my allergic reaction thing I’m seeing my family doc for. She did a couple other tests for some other things that it might be. All came back negative. (More on that another time. I have a follow- up appointment next month with my regular doc.)

Then off to a lunch date with my other half. Nice leisurely lunch in the middle of our both hectic days.

Hit home for a bit, and got to chill on the couch with Yuna and catch up on some reading before running off to appointment #3 at 2PM. Eye doctor.

Totally uneventful there. Aside from 2 of the most heartbreakingly adorable kittens in the eye doctor’s office. Someone dumped them in the parking lot outside leaving them locked in a cooler. They couldn’t have been more than 4 weeks old. I got to hold them and coo over them. SO TINY!!! She tried to get me to take them home and my god I wanted to SOOOO bad. But the two of them together were still not quite half Yuna’s size. I felt I’d just be bringing home a snack for her. So, they stayed.

Then I ran up to my mom’s office to help her move some heavy things. I got a new set of shelves out of that, so that’s cool. Hee hee.

Then general errands were run and I got back home right about 5. So all in all, it felt like a normal work day for me, only with a LOT more driving and I got to wear sloppy weekend clothes all day.

Now to settle in with some crochet and Netflix. Hope all is well for you!!

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