Friday, April 15, 2011

Updatey McUpdaterson

Well gosh, I guess I haven’t been updating too much here. Honestly, aside from vacation I hane’t really had anything going on!

Well vacation; it was lovely. We had a fantastic time, we all got along the whole week which is a feat for 8 people in one condo. But we had a blast. It was relaxing, sunny, warm and full love fun and love. And that’s what family vacations are all about right?

Ah, and I did this while I was down there:

2011.04 blue scarf

I utilized the gorgeous surroundings to get a good photo. :-)

I’m working on another “offensive doily” of my own design. This one isn’t as R rated as the last one. ;) But it’s much prettier! I’ll be sure to post photos when I’m done.

Brendan and I both seem to have gotten bit by the spring cleaning bug. Me, more the “simplify your life, lady!!” bug. I think it’s been from following the Zen Habits blog for awhile now. ( Yesterday’s post was on simplifying. I have a bad habit of hanging onto things for emotional reasons. I tossed a BUNCH of crap that’s just been sitting in the basement for years and years now. The amount of junk I’ve accumulated has gotten out of hand. I clean it out every time I move, but I’m still moving crap I haven’t touched in years. Mostly electronics. So, I’m making a visit to the Ebay store hopefully next week to unload all this. (I have 3 printers and a UHF TV, what the hell am I keeping these for?!?!) And sooooo much more junk. As mentioned before, mostly junk I’ve kept for emotional connections. No, I won’t toss my wedding albums from my failed marriage, but all those cards and letters, etc. Trash. The camping gear stays, but the 4 coffee makers I have for some odd reason… gone.

I’m thrilled that my basement shelves are literally HALF full now. They were overflowing.
Now about all this crap we’re storing for the theatre…..


  1. I'm trying to dejunk as well. It's kind of tough when you're married to a confirmed packrat who has manuals for operating systems that were obsolete decades ago carefully packed away...just in case...eek...

  2. Luckily I live with someone who barely owns anything. Although that just means all this sh*t is mine. *sigh*

  3. I always forget about the "we sell your stuff on ebay" stores. have you done it before? what do they usually charge?

  4. I've never used them. My mom tried once and they did not accept the item she was trying to get rid of. Apparently they're kinda picky.