Monday, April 18, 2011


A few weeks ago someone at church approached me and said “Oh you knit, right?” After biting my tongue and holding back a cringe, I said “Well, actually I crochet. Why do you ask?” She went on to tell me about a program she’s working with that makes socks for the troops in Afghanistan. Basically they wear their socks and boots all day in the heat and they get seriously funky so they have to take them off at night. But it gets very cold out there at night and their feet are freezing. So they all have asked for warm wool slipper socks to wear at night. She asked if I’d be willing to make a few pair for the cause.

With thick enough yarn slipper socks work up seriously fast and are really easy so I agreed. And lord knows I’m no stranger to freezing feet at night. Heh. I sleep with socks on all year.

She left me a message while I was on vacation to let me know she’d left me some patterns and yarn in the church office with my name on it. I was kinda pleasantly surprised, as I’d planned to just buy the yarn myself. She told me not to be too shocked when I saw the yarn as there was a lot of it. She said just use whatever and returns what’s left. I was thinking in my mind, “psh, whatever. I know thick yarn looks big and all. I’m sure it’s not that much.”

I went into the office yesterday to pick up the yarn. I could not hide the look of utter shock on my face. (Then I had to laugh at myself, for actually reacting like that) Here is what I saw:

Yeah. Those spools are as big as my head. Actually, bigger. (That orange thing on the left spool is a standard pen)

Anyway I lugged the spools home and started right away last night. Finished one pair already!

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  1. You know, I'm dying to crochet socks. I have some awesome sock yarn just dying to be made into cute socks. Is it easy? Do you have a pattern you love?