Sunday, March 6, 2011

Moebius Tutorial

Making a crochet moebius.

I’ve seen so many people confused by this, relatively easy design. It took me about 6 tries to get it myself, but once I did the lightbulb went off, I smacked my forehead and totally understood it. I’m going to my best to explain this, with photos. It's much easier to show in person, so if I ever figure out how to do video, that would likely be better.

Ok. Very first; chain as much as you need/want and join the first chain with a slip stitch to make a ring, being very careful not to twist the chain.

Then continue on with your stitch. Sc, dc or whatever stitch you’re using. For this, I used sc. Sc all the way around the ring, but DO NOT JOIN.

(I have a needle pointing to the first stitch in the above photo here.)
Now the part where it gets confusing. I admit it took me a few tries to get this right too. But I promise when you get it once, you’ll get it every time from then.
Now, hold the first stitch in your hand opposite your hooking hand. Turn the first stitch upside down and insert your hook into the BOTTOM on the first stitch. (Into the foundation chain.)

Make your first stitch. (Sc for this tutorial) Then continue on around making your stitches into the bottom of your first row.

Then, like magic, you get back to your first stitch of the other side.

You can see it here just above and to the left of my thumb.
Join into the stitch, like so.

And you already have a moebius. When did that happen!?! YAY!!

From this point on, there is no more twisting or bottoms or tops. You just crochet along and the natural twist automatically takes you around it and your moebius will grow and grow.

I’m hoping to figure out how to make a video of this here soon. I promise it’s very easy!!


  1. It works! I now have a mobius shawl for a very tiny stuffed toy. When I have a go at something bigger I know where to come to remind me how to do it.

  2. Yay! Good, I'm glad you found it useful. Making a meobius is SOOOOO much fun once you get the hang of it!

  3. I haven't made one of these before because it was confusing. The instructions that I read said to make your foundation chain and then twist before you do your slip stitch. Is that different than this?

    1. Sort of. The twist happens midway thought the first round. So technically it's before the slip stitch, but it's really at the halfway point. You work down one side of the chain, then when you get back to the start, you work on the bottom side of the same chain. The twist more or less happens naturally when you start working on the bottom side.