Monday, February 21, 2011

Back on the designing horse

I'm trying my hand at some more original designs again.  This time filet designs.  Remember my Dragon Filet? That was a pattern I downloaded, I did not create that. But it did inspire me.

I'm trying something a little more.... risque'? this time. Heh. I finished my first new design, but I'm still in the process of actually making the piece. So the pattern will be posted once I have a finished product I can take a photo of. It's a lovely filet with some hearts and swirly designs and the words: "F*CK YOU" in the middle.

My apologies to any of my more sensitive readers. :)

I plan to make some more of these with phrases like "bite me", "I'm just a stupid doily", and "you're ugly", etc. on them. They're not for everyone, but there is a definite demographic that loves this stuff. Myself included!

Anyway, I'm nearly halfway through the finished product, so I'm hoping I'll have everything completed by the end of the week! Censored photos will be posted.