Friday, December 31, 2010

A year in Crochet review.

Fine I’ll do an end of the year post.  :P  I’ve never been real big on these “year in review” type posts, but I was going through my craft photos on my laptop and looking back on all I've created and done in crochet over the last year and felt a little wistful.  So let’s see;

-I made my first wearables.  A couple of really nice sweaters, for Christmas gifts, that were VERY well received, and a couple sweaters for myself.

-I wrote my first pattern.

-Made more FO’s than I ever have before/yet.

-Sold items at my first craft show. And was midly successful!

-Made my first filet piece and it was STUNNING.

-I joined a couple of new Stitch Groups and also a Charity organization that makes blankets for those in need.

-Found my niches and inversely learned what I just cannot do.

I guess that’s really it, hah.  But that’s a lot.  I’ve grown a lot in my craft this year and look forward to learning more and trying new things and techniques this year.  And possibly doing yet another craft show.  : )

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