Saturday, December 25, 2010

A very Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend and spending time with those they love most, and eating more than any one person ever should.  : )

I had a wonderful weekend thus far with my family.  Christmas Eve I came out to my folks’ and my brother and his family came out as well.  We ate much, and exchanged gifts and made merry the entire day.  The kids were all excited and fun to play with.  My nephew was just a ball of sugar-induced hyper activity, and my nice was just charming as ever.

My brother and fam left in the evening to go home and prepare for Santa, while my parents and I stayed up very late watching movies.  I stayed over, and Christmas morning we slept in quite a bit, then watched a bit of TV.  Then, as per our newest tradition, we had a good workout (usually a run, this year a cardio DVD) and then had breakfast.  Although with sleeping in, breakfast became lunch!  Then early afternoon we had our quiet time opening our gifts and spending time together.  Then we played with all our new toys and played some Wii and pool and other games.  Now, it’s chilling in front of the fire watching the last of the Christmas movies on TV for the year, and of course, crocheting.  : )

I’m still bumming about spending Christmas without Bren, but family is very important to both of us, and things just did not work out this year for us to both travel.

Now, to spend lots of gift cards and enjoy a week off from work!!  A very wonderful holiday to you all!  Much love and peace!

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