Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It’s been an interesting December for sure.  Although I’m really enjoying this calm before the storm.  I don’t have much of anything going on this month outside of one or two sporadic improv rehearsals here and there, and the occasional holiday gathering.  Next month….hell begins.

I’d made the decision to set aside acting indefinitely.  I’m still up for directing, and of course improv.  However, I have this thing.  Call it a fault, or an asset.  When I sign up for something, or make any form of commitment, I cannot walk away from whatever it is.  No matter how much I friggin’ want to.  That said when I made this decision to give up acting for awhile, if not forever, I’d already committed to a show, and I can't just up and quit.  Having directed before I know how disgustingly rude that is and how much trouble it can sometimes cause.  We start rehearsals in January, it runs one stupid weekend in March.  And quite honestly, it’s a great show, but I’m less than thrilled at what I have to do for my part, and driving 45 minutes to rehearsals every night for 2 months.  On top of that my improv troupe has a show in January so I’m rehearsing and performing that too.  So if you don’t see or hear from me….ever during January-March, it’s just because I’m trying to find reasons not to shoot myself in the face.

Ok, I’m sure you’re all telling me to shut the heck up and stop whining. 

I finished my Christmas shopping nice and early this year so I’m ready for Christmas.  It will be a nice long weekend at my folks’ place for me.  I look forward to sitting around in sweatpants and napping and crocheting a lot for 3 days.  New Years will FINALLY be the way I want it.  Bren will still be in Connecticut, so I’m on my own.  I can finally cower under the bed all night and wait for it to be all over.  (I absolutely loathe New Year’s Eve, nothing but terrible things have ever happened on NYE)  So, I’ll be home alone with some movies and wine and the cat. 

This post has gotten kind of lengthy so I’ll end things here with a wish for everyone to have a lovely Holiday and a great New Year!

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