Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A warm Thanksgiving

So, Bren and I drove down to Florida for our Thanksgiving weekend.  Yes, drove.  We’re insane.  (Actually we’re just low on money and the plane tickets were insane.)  Anyway, his sister was getting married in Homosassa Florida the Saturday after Thanksgiving and no one from her side of the family could be there.  She asked Bren and me to please come and so he could walk her down the aisle.  We gladly said yes!!  And it was obvious how much it meant to her to have him and me there. 

To avoid 16-18 hours of straight driving we split the drive there and back into 2 days a piece.  That helped a lot.  950 miles is a bit too far for one day.  We left Thanksgiving Day at 3 after a big wonderful meal with my parents.  We drove through the most horrible rainstorm either of us had ever seen.  It killed our time.  We could only go about 40mph.  We stopped in Chattanooga for the night.  It never stopped raining.  The next day it was still raining but not nearly as bad.  It rained most of the rest of the trip down.  Ugh.  But we got there Friday later afternoon and just relaxed with everyone and had a great night.

The wedding was very small and casual, but so wonderful.  Everyone was so happy and everything looked wonderful.  The weather was amazing too; sunny and in the 80s.  Just gorgeous. 

The trip home was less eventful, thank goodness.  Save for some awful traffic around Atlanta.  We got back yesterday around 2PM.  It was perfect. 

However, I’m realizing with my arthritis and now being over 30, my joints cannot handle trips in the car that long.  Every time we stopped my hips locked up and hurt so bad, Bren had to help me out of the car.  Dang near had to carry me at the very end.  A day later and my hips are still absolutely killing me.  Granted we did 4 days within a 5 day period of driving and that’s the most I’ve done in a loooong time.  Either way, I think it’s time I give in and call the doctor and make sure I’m not doing anything to damage my joints.  I don’t need fake hips before I’m 40, thank you. 

So that was my long weekend.  I hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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