Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas is coming!

Go ahead, smack me. 

A quick note though.  I have lots of nice items for sale on my website. ( If you would like anything you see there please shoot me an email or send me a message through the "contact me" page on my site. 

That said I am not taking any custom orders at this time.  Let me repeat that.  I AM NOT TAKING CUSTOM ORDERS.  Apparently there's been a lot of confusion with this.  People ask if I'd sell them something and I direct them to my website, gleefully.  And every time I get the response, "wow, that's nice stuff.  Now would you make me a....."  *headdesk*

It's not that I don't WANT to make beautiful unique gifts for everyone, I just can't.  The things I'm being asked to make are often times just flat out unrealistic.  (Folks; it's takes MONTHS to make a blanket and anywhere from $75-$400 worth of yarn.  So unless you want to pay $200-$800 for a blanket, materials and my time, please don't ask)  That all aside, I have Christmas gifts of my own to be making and my spare time is so very limited this time of year.  Between working full time and my theatre and church schedule, I don't get a lot of hours in the week for crafting.  And believe me I'd love to craft full time, but it doesn't pay the bills. 

I'll say it again, yes I really would LOVE to make each and every one of you something fun and unique, but I am just unable.  Sorry, folks.  I do feel bad, but that's how it goes. 

Thanks for understanding.


  1. said what I've felt for the last couple of years....kudos!


  2. Thanks.

    I hope no one feels like I'm being nasty. I'm really not. I LOVE making things for people, but it's gotten out of hand recently! And I've been too polite and now got myself in a list of things I'm not sure I can get done in time.